Shep Hyken and Martha Brooke had a great conversation (6-23-2020) about the future of customer feedback. Check it out here! They covered survey fatigue–it’s through the roof! And yet, they found 4 situations in which (when done well) customer feedback surveys are warranted, and profitable:

1. Tracking Studies

B2B Tracking Studies help you forge stronger, more productive relationships with your customers.

2. Alert Systems

When combined with an alert system, surveys after tech support and other types of customer service, show where things are awry so you can get them fixed.

3. Customer Expression

Some surveys are productive simply because they allow customers to express themselves. With these kinds of surveys, the verbatims and your accompanying verbatim analysis are key.

4. Customer Appreciation

Surveys that show customer appreciation improve your response rate WHILE showing survey respondents they’re valued. Appreciation can come in the form of a gift card, a charitable donation on behalf of the customer, or priority service for a future interaction. These tokens of appreciation are not large enough to skew results, yet carry enough impact to be mutually beneficial.


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