Know how you score with customers so you can forge more profitable relationships—isn't that the point?!

Our surveys, service evaluations, and other methods give you a factual view of the customer experience. You'll have conclusive insights to boost customer engagement at every turn!

No more useless data.

Biased questions are out.
Representative samples are in.
Objectivity is the standard.
Use NPS but recognize its limitations.
Customer verbatims are valued.
Nuanced analysis wins.

Expert Researchers + the Latest Software—without breaking the bank!

For their customer feedback programs, too many companies settle for research consultants OR a software platform. But really, you need both. Researchers ensure the best methods and analysis. Software provides scale and efficiency. Get a demo.

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"We use Employee Surveys by Interaction Metrics to measure gaps between how our employees think we’re performing and how our customers say we’re actually doing. Where our employees have blind spots we take action. Because of this, we’ve improved the customer experience year over year!"

Don McNair, Senior Director Customer Interaction Center Yaskawa America

"Interaction Metrics’ thoughtful approach gets to the heart of understanding the changes required to deliver consistently exceptional customer interactions."

Paula Skartland, Customer Experience Manager, Safeco Insurance, a Liberty Mutual Company

"It was great to have Interaction Metrics do the kind of deep dive into our call center quality and analytics that is so desperately needed but that we just can’t make the time to do. A great service for a great value."

Leah Wilson, Executive Director, The State Bar of California


How We Work

The Right Methods

The Right Methods

Before you've spent a dime, we design an approach tailored to your specific questions and objectives.

A Solid Research Plan

A Solid Research Plan

Getting underway: We identify hypotheses; and build, test, and implement research.

Metrics & Insight

Metrics & Insight

We uncover insights, and show you your scores and how to strengthen customer relationships.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Measure customer satisfaction over time.

Text Analysis

Learn why your customers feel the way they do.

Customer Interviews

Hear from your customers in their own words.

Employee Engagement

Find out where your staff see room to improve.

NPS Surveys

Monitor your key touchpoints in real-time.

Customer Service Evaluations

Maximize the value of your chats, emails & calls.

Introduction from Founder,
Martha Brooke

85 seconds

  • 3 CX observations
  • Why Customer Experiences fail
  • What to change

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Do you know the 5 benefits of CX science? Find out!

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