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How We Measure

Empathy Score, Customer Effort Score, Brand Score…your industry and objectives guide which metrics we use. However, in our Dashboards you’ll often see QCI™ Score. QCI™ stands for Quality of Customer Interaction.

Like Net Promoter, QCI™ Score is simple: it gives you a single metric. However, unlike Net Promoter, QCI™ Score recognizes the complexity of customer experience by weighting multiple elements depending on what matters most for each customer and their situation.

Voice of Customer: What to Expect

Voice of Customer is a research approach that captures your customer’s feelings, needs, and expectations. It balances these multiple factors to give you a nuanced understanding of how customers experience your business, product, or service.

Voice of Customer by Interaction Metrics provides unparalleled insight into your customers’ expectations versus their actual perceptions. You’re able to track progress over time with metrics that show the gap between what customers expect and what they get. But while metrics are key, they’re not enough.

With our Voice of Customer programs, in addition to metrics, you’ll have insights with concrete ways to improve the customer experience. You’ll be able to prove to stakeholders that you’re actively increasing customer satisfaction while boosting sales and retention.

The reason our metrics and insights work, is that from the ground up we customize programs to fit the needs and goals of you, our client. Plus, you’ll have modern, clean dashboards, portals, and surveys that you would expect from a billion-dollar company, but we do it all affordably with flexible options and tiers.

Lots of companies care about the customer experience, but they do biased surveys that don’t work. That’s where we come in. More than software and consulting companies, we combine the latest technology with Research Analysts to give you science-driven findings. Nuance, neutrality, insight, and actionability are at the heart of our deliverables.

Our Promise: You’ll know exactly where you’re missing opportunities with customers and how to improve.

Perhaps you are a Director of Customer Success, Client Services Manager, Marketing Director, CMO, or Insights Director. Chances are, you’re already invested in the customer experience but you’re looking to get more value from a specific data set or your customer feedback generally.

While we champion surveys, we integrate other methods to efficiently address your customer experience objectives and needs. Whether it’s an NPS survey, a Customer Service Evaluation, or Customer Service Training, we’ll use the approach that brings you the most value and insight within the constraints of your budget. See our deliverables with a personalized demo.

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