Read about the mistakes the largest retailers make with their customer satisfaction surveys. Or, check out the video.

Our Innovation: Metrics + Actionability

Problem: Some companies don’t measure the customer experience (CX), so they don’t know how they’re doing. Other companies measure the customer experience, but simplistically, so they don’t know what, where or how to improve.

Solution! We’ve developed customer experience metrics that show how to deliver a great customer experience. Our metrics are uniquely actionable because they account for the many nuances, perspectives, personas, and cues that ARE the customer experience. Decide for yourself if our metrics could be right for your company. Explore metrics: Get a free MetricsLAB™.

We deliver expert projects & programs of varying sizes:

  • Mini-Projects: new survey questions, verbatim analysis for your open-ends and more.

  • Complete Projects: this includes customer satisfaction surveys, and customer service evaluations.

  • Ongoing Programs with dashboards and weekly calibration sessions.

Does Customer Experience Matter? Yes!

We all respond to experiences; it’s human. When you have a great customer experience, you smile to yourself and the world. But a bad customer experience… your day screeches to a halt. Of course, most of the time, our experiences are merely mediocre which is a waste—because the vast majority of experiences, at least in small ways, can be great!

Find out if you're serious about customer experience.

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Start delivering a great customer experience. Get the right metrics.

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