Advanced Customer Listening

Expert Customer Feedback Programs.

Do you have a complete, accurate view of the customer experience? Let's find out!

We take a scientific, multi-dimensional approach to customer feedback. You’ll know how to:

  • Increase your Net Promoter Score
  • Beat the competition on customer experience
  • Get more value from your customer service team

Don’t Settle. Use the Right Customer Feedback Methods!

Sometimes a short touchpoint survey is all you need. Other times, a customer satisfaction tracking study or customer interviews are best. With all our methods we collect data, analyze it, and uncover emergent themes—but different methods allow us to access different perspectives and insights.

You'll Know How to Improve

Our innovation is to combine radical customization with nuanced metrics and interactive dashboards. Our approach accelerates insights and uncovers actionable details. Whether you use us for surveys or service evaluations, our scientific approach shows you your missed opportunities with customers—and the specifics of how to improve.

We offer plenty of ways to start for free—and free means free!

See examples of our interactive dashboards here. And when you’re ready to discuss data visualizations, sample sizes, the best methods, or anything else, let's talk.

Keep in mind, we offer plenty of ways to start for free. And free means free; there is no obligation of any kind.

September 17, 2019

The Interaction Metrics Blog

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