Let’s explore metrics and methods to advance your CX program. We’ll cover a few different customer experience metrics—from popular outcome measures like Net Promoter Score, to more actionable ones like QCI™ (Quality of Customer Interaction), Customer Effort, Lived Experience, and Persuasion Scores.

It’s 25 minutes, no strings attached. This is a presentation, not a pitch. When’s good for you? Agenda:

  • Your goals for the customer experience
  • The newest CX methods and metrics
  • Ideas for customer experience metrics relevant for you

Companies often get tunnel vision, assuming they just need a customer satisfaction survey with generic customer experience metrics—but in most cases, this is not the best approach.  Whether you’re B2B or B2C, the MetricsLAB™ will get you thinking about alternative—actionable—options.

Don’t have 25 minutes? Say hello and ask us a CX question!

The MetricsLAB™ is presented by Martha Brooke, Interaction Metrics Founder: Martha oversees client programs and leads top-rated sessions on actionable customer experience metrics to improve customer experience. Martha comes to you with a lengthy career in customer service evaluation, customer satisfaction surveys, and actionable metrics. She has a passion for the social sciences and is certified in Black Belt Six Sigma.


Start learning about the right customer experience metrics for you.

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