You already know that customer listening is key to your customer experience success. But what are the best methods? What are the most valuable metrics? And how can you get accurate data and actionable insights? Let’s talk.

Have 10 Minutes? Let’s Discuss:

  • Ideal survey length
  • Valid sample sizes
  • The benefits of objective customer service evaluations
  • What providing customer experience with intention can do for you

Have 30 Minutes? Let’s Cover:

  • How to design your survey to avoid bias
  • When it’s profitable to customize your survey
  • How to prevent associates from gaming surveys and skewing valuable data
  • How to know if your associates are actively boosting customer loyalty
  • How to turn customers’ verbatim comments into quantitative findings without breaking the bank

Together, we can make the world better through better Customer Listening. Let’s talk!

You’ll be talking with Interaction Metrics Founder
Martha Brooke
Her goal is to help you find the methods and metrics that will work most productively for your company. Martha comes to you with a lengthy career in customer feedback, customer service evaluation, and customer experience optimization. She has a passion for the social sciences, holds a CCXP and is certified in Black Belt Six Sigma.

Let's talk about customer surveys, service evaluations and the customer experience.

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