Want to check on particular customer touchpoints within your company like returns or technical support? Sometimes you need a complete customer survey with branching logic to segment by persona, department, etc. But other times, just a short touchpoint survey will do.

Our short touchpoint surveys measure simple metrics such as Net Promoter Score, but when needed, to boost its relevancy, we customize the Net Promoter question to you and your industry. Let’s improve your customer listening. Let’s talk.

Our Touchpoint NPS Surveys Give You:

  • Customized questions: We give you open-ended questions, which encourage customers to share their thoughts and feelings. We code these comments, conducting verbatim analysis to uncover themes and actionable items.
  • Flexible design: From questions about customer service to topics concerning repairs or returns, we’ll customize your touchpoint survey to suit any interaction within your company!
  • Dashboards & Findings Reports: Interact with your data in a dynamic visual format. See how different variables affect your score. Get critical customer experience metrics, like QCI™, Competitive Edge, and Customer Effort Scores. You’ll have those metrics in easy-to-digest Findings Reports that prioritize your gaps, friction points, opportunities, and next steps.

Powerful Dashboard Displays

Go ahead and try out the dashboard below. Change the filters on the left to see how the data varies on the right. Let’s talk!

For our short surveys, we customize Net Promoter because when you only ask a few questions, each one MUST be optimized and relevant!

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