Sometimes you don’t need an entire customer satisfaction survey, but want to check on particular customer touchpoints, like returns or technical support interactions.

Our touchpoint surveys measure simple metrics such as Net Promoter Score, but unlike other companies, we customize the net promoter question to you and your industry.

Another way our touchpoint surveys stand out is we include open-ended questions, which encourage customers to share their thoughts and feelings. Then we code these comments, performing verbatim analysis to uncover and prioritize themes and action items.

With our touchpoint surveys, you’ll have a dashboard so you can monitor progress in real time. And you’ll have scores like, QCI™ (Quality of Customer Interaction), Net Promoter Score, and other critical metrics.

What we call touchpoint surveys, you might call: net promoter surveys, nps surveys, touchpoint questionnaires, short surveys, customer check-ins, mobile customer feedback, voice of the customer, or on-the-spot surveys.


At Interaction Metrics, we go beyond the traditional Net Promoter Score by listening to your customers through customized and open-ended questions.

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