As Founder of Interaction Metrics, Martha Brooke speaks at conferences and hosts workshops to help organizations improve the customer experience.

Martha thinks about customer experiences differently: “Experiences can be measured—and measurement is the only way to improve customer experience—but only if your measurement is sufficiently nuanced.”

To spread her ideas about metrics and improve customer experiences everywhere, Martha Brooke founded Interaction Metrics in 2004. Interaction Metrics provides actionable customer feedback programs and rigorous customer service evaluations.

Martha is certified in Black Belt Six Sigma and prior to Interaction Metrics, worked for two dotcoms ( and Now, in addition to overseeing client programs, Martha leads top-rated sessions for the Project Management Institute (PMI), American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the Score Conference, Customer Solutions Expo, American Marketing Association, Operations Summit, and other professional associations.

Martha Speaks About:

  • Get Your Survey Out of a Rut, Get a Better Survey
  • Customer Service Quantified
  • Net Promoter Score®: Its Pros & Cons
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: How to Eliminate Biases & Flaws
  • The Best Customer Service Metrics
  • Smart, Fast Ways to Improve Customer Service
  • New Ways of Thinking About–and Improving–the Customer Experience

Martha covers these topics in a wide range of formats such as interactive workshops, podcasts, panels, and webinars. Contact us to request the Martha Brooke Speaker’s Kit.

Martha’s certifications and affiliations include:

Customer Think
Black Belt Six Sigma
Engagement Optimization
Assocation of Support Professionals
CXPA Founding Member
Shep Hyken Amazing Business Radio

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