Achieving the best customer service is possible but it’s not always done.

HubSpot’s 10 Commandments of Customer Service covers some of the standards of good customer service, but their rules will only get you to a middling level of service. If you have higher standards, that i, if your goal is use customer service to function as a brand asset, here are 3 keys to improve.

3 Keys

1. Personalization. Take listening and paying attention up a notch by training your CSRs to pay attention to individual customers’ needs. A rushed businessman who only has 5 minutes to solve a problem should be given quick, concise answers while a confused newbie may need more gentle, patient coaching.

2. An unexpected element that’s positive. The best way to get a customer to remember you is to do something they’ve never seen before like a tip or trick or an unusually empathetic moment.

3. Uniqueness. Do or say something that no other company could offer. Something as simple as “at HubSpot, we are always trying to improve our services, so if something is not working, we definitely want to hear about it” could change your customer’s perception of your brand.

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