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With the staggering societal change brought on by COVID-19, we want to do our part to help clients quickly understand what’s going on with their partners, staff, and other key people.  Perhaps you need objective answers to key questions like:

  • How safe do employees feel?
  • What could help them be more effective when working remotely?

Our pricing, protocols and surveys are set up to get you going with a COVID-19 survey within one day. And we’ll send your survey using a guaranteed, 100% anonymous protocol. Our process even includes a Discovery Consult to ensure the questions will be relevant and actionable for you. 

COVID-19 Survey Design:

  • Start with our bank of 35 customizable COVID-19 questions.

  • Then we help you select questions and logic gating that will ensure your survey is compelling and appropriately sized—we write new questions if needed.

  • We build out your COVID-19 survey with dynamic rating systems–which can include emoticons and other visual aids—and give you the URL for approval. Take our sample survey here:

Implementation Covers:

  • Providing the URL link and sending the survey or adding it to your website
  • Content for email invites
  • Reminder schedule with reminder emails
  • Data downloads set for the schedule you choose
  • Real-time reporting with metrics customized to you. See an example here:


  • Scientific Data
    Respondents get objective surveys they can take on any device. And, our surveys enable them to give their feedback anonymously.

  • Compelling Questions
    Get to the bottom of how COVID-19 is impacting your organization. 

  • Metrics and Insight
    Know how your approach to COVID-19 measures up and what you can do to react better in these challenging times.

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