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With satisfaction surveys, the greatest insight comes from your customers’ verbatims. But while many companies know about text analytics they fail to quantify their Verbatims and don’t even know this kind of analysis exists!

+ Simply reading verbatims isn’t helpful because it doesn’t give you a way to quantify themes.

+ While AI-driven text analytics are a start, AI is only efficient with large, consistent data sets. And even with text analytics you still need research intelligence to monitor the results.

With our Verbatim Analysis, you’ll have metrics and charts showing WHY your customers feel the way they do. You’ll also have a red-alert system for customers who indicate they need your staff to reach out.


  • Robust Discovery
    Learn which root causes are driving your customer feedback scores.

  • Scores
    You’ll have Findings Reports that highlight department, theme, and other metrics

  • Actionable Data
    Our Verbatim Analysis prioritizes your opportunities so you know how to make the right changes to improve the customer experience.

  • AI-Enabled Analysis
    We’ll show you how far we can go with our AI tools (think Watson on steroids). If AI-driven verbatim analysis is in your best interests, that’s what we’ll do. With very large data sets AI-based text analytics can be a great option.

Verbatim Analysis

“Interaction Metrics enriched the value of our data by providing great insight.”

Melissa Prew, Customer Experience Manager, Konica Minolta

Interaction Metrics

Melissa Prew, Customer Experience Manager, Konica Minolta

“Interaction Metrics enriched the value of our data by providing great insight.”
Interaction Metrics

It’s often said that ‘the gold is in the verbatims’ and yet all too often verbatims are not fully explored. Want to see what our Verbatim Reports include? Learn more!

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