Simply reading comments from your customers doesn’t give you a way to quantify themes. Software analytics are a start, but software can only code problems that you already know to look for. The greatest insights come from using social science based coding techniques to analyze customers’ comments.

With Interaction Metrics, you’ll have human research intelligence—so you’ll know WHY your customers feel the way they do. You’ll also have a red-alert system for customers who indicate they need one of your reps to reach out. With verbatim analysis, we improve your customer listening. Let’s talk.

Our Verbatim Analysis Gives You:

  • Robust Discovery: Learn critical themes and root causes based on scientific comment coding that uncovers nuanced insights.
  • A Way to Control Risk: Find out which customers you’re at risk of losing and how to improve.
  • Insightful Metrics: Receive a Findings Report with clear metrics that includes Department, Theme, and Sentiment Scores supported by your customers’ own words.
  • Actionable Data: Our Verbatim Analysis prioritizes your opportunities so you can make profitable changes to improve the customer experience. We provide you with concrete data you can act on.
  • Dashboards & Findings Reports: Interact with your data in a dynamic visual format. It’s the best way to get teams motivated to take next steps.
  • AI-Enabled Analysis: We’ll show you how far we can go with our AI tools (think Watson on steroids). If AI-driven verbatim analysis is in your best interests, that’s what we’ll do. With very large, consistent data sets this can be a great option.

Powerful Dashboard Displays

We’re one of the few companies that goes the extra step and turns verbatims into actionable dashboards. To deepen your insight, our dashboards link to files and infographics that unpack details and themes. Let’s talk!

Your customers spend their valuable time answering your open-ended questions. Are you listening?

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