Let’s discuss the right metrics and methods for your goals. You’ll learn the pros and cons of customer experience metrics like Net Promoter, Customer Satisfaction, and Loyalty scores — plus, we’ll offer a few ideas about how to advance your CX program.

It’s 25 minutes, no strings attached. This is a presentation, not a pitch. When’s good for you? Agenda:

  • Tell us your CX goals
  • Cover various customer service evaluation and customer feedback methods
  • Discuss the best approaches for you

Companies often get tunnel vision, assuming they just need a customer satisfaction survey with generic customer experience metrics — but in most cases, this is not a winning approach. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, the MetricsLAB™ gets you on track.

Don’t have 25 minutes? Say hello and request our overview, “Customer Experience: Get the Right Metrics.”

The MetricsLAB™ is presented by Interaction Metrics Founder, Martha Brooke: Martha oversees client programs and leads top-rated sessions on actionable customer experience metrics to improve customer service.

She has spoken for NICSA at the Harvard Club, Society for Service Executives, Insight Innovation eXchange, Customer Solutions Expo, American Marketing Association, and more. Martha comes to you with a lengthy career in customer service evaluation, surveys, and innovative metrics. She has a passion for the social sciences and is certified in Black Belt Six Sigma.


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