Do your associates deliver truly proactive and branded customer service? As the voice and face of your company, your associates have tremendous influence over how customers perceive your organization. Improve customer service with our mystery shops; they ensure that each interaction provides the best customer service, and frames you in the best possible light.

With Interaction Metrics persona-based mystery shops, you’ll have a comprehensive approach to customer experience testing. You’ll also have a Findings Report with clear metrics and specific recommendations from an expert Customer Experience Analyst. Drop us a line to see examples and learn about our unique mystery shop process.

  • Test Multiple Perspectives: Because our mystery shops use personas, you’ll see how your associates handle different customer personalities.
  • Get Expert Analysis: Unlike most companies, Interaction Metrics mystery shops are scored by an expert analyst using precise customer service standards.
  • Walk in Your Customers’ Shoes: We provide complete documentation of our mystery shops. We can even mystery shop your competitors, to show how you compare.
  • See Your Opportunities: Your comprehensive Findings Report shows exactly where you have gaps in the customer experience, supported by excerpts from our mystery shop interactions and objective customer experience metrics.
  • Take Action: We show how you can empathize with customers and demonstrate the unique qualities of your brand—all while giving customers proactive, complete answers to their questions.

Learn about the Interaction Metrics mystery shop difference and how you can improve customer service efficiently. Start with a free Customer Service Mini-Rating. You’ll find out how one of your call, chat, or email interactions rates.

Use Interaction Metrics' mystery shopping to improve customer service

Interaction Metrics’ persona-based mystery shopping provides Persuasion, Information, Connection, Timing, and Differentiation Scores.

Want to learn more about improving customer service? Drop us a line.

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