How happy were your B2B customers this year? In 2023, what will you do differently?

The reason I ask is that most B2B customers are having mediocre experiences:

        • The software development company ClearlyRated finds that B2B sectors like manufacturing, engineering, and banking have NPS scores in the mid-40s.
      • And the market research company B2B International reports the average NPS for B2B sectors is between 25 and 33.

In other words, B2B customer experiences are two tiers away from what Bain and Co. considers ‘world class performance.’

Here’s why B2B experiences are often lacking: Companies aren’t getting honest feedback from their customers. That’s because their surveys don’t ask the right questions in the right ways. 

How will you improve your B2B surveys in 2023? Get 5 great ideas here.


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