Think Simple. Not Simplistic.

QCI™ (Quality of Customer Interaction) is a way to think about interactions. It acknowledges that customers have multiple, changing needs and are highly affected by their experiences. QCI™ was developed to counteract the usual ways of measuring and thinking about the customer experience which tend to be simplistic and not actionable.

Sometimes we also use QCI™ to refer to one of our aggregate scores. Just like Net Promoter Score, it gives you a single summary metric. But unlike NPS, it’s the only score in the industry that tracks every aspect of the lived customer experience, weighted by what matters most to each customer and their situation. Our innovative QCI™ score is one of the best ways to improve your customer listening.

How QCI™ Benefits You

While QCI™ is one number, it’s based on various inputs to account for the fact that experiences are: different for each customer, ever shifting, varied by touchpoint, and mostly subconscious. By measuring multiple inputs and optics, we show you the specifics of what and where to improve.

Other Metrics We Use: 

  • Interaction Brand Score
  • Empathy/Connection Score
  • Customer Effort Score
  • Competitive Edge Score
  • Proactive Solutions Score
  • Persuasion Score
  • Other Scores Customized to Your Objectives

Is Your Customer Experience Outstanding?

Prove it to your shareholders! For QCI™ Scores that come in at 85 and above, we issue trophies! Ask us about the Interaction Metrics Awards Program.

We believe if you don't measure it you don't know it.

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