Think simple. Not simplistic.

1 | QCI™ in brief:

Established in 2004, our QCI™ (Quality of Customer Interaction) is the only score in the industry that tracks every aspect of the lived customer experience, weighted by what matters most to each customer and their situation. In most cases, a score of 91 is the point of diminishing returns.

2 | What makes QCI™ different?

While QCI™ is one number, it’s based on multiple inputs to account for the fact that experiences are:
• Different for each customer
• Ever-shifting
• Varied by touchpoint
• Mostly subconscious

The QCI™ Score was developed to counteract the usual ways of measuring the customer experience which are simplistic, instead of accurate and actionable.

With QCI™ you’ll have a smart way to work toward concrete goals while tracking your progress over time.

3 | Why use QCI™?

The point of measurement is to improve. So, if you’re measuring the wrong things or measuring in the wrong ways, you won’t see your actual gaps and opportunities. Traditional customer experience scores like Net Promoter® or ACSI® can be great benchmarks, but they don’t tell you how to improve.

4 | What are some of our other Interaction Metrics?

• Interaction Branding Score
• Empathy Score
• Customer Effort Score
• Competitive Edge Score
• Proactive Solutions Score
• Persuasion Score

Think your QCI™ is outstanding?

Prove it to your shareholders.
Ask us about the Interaction Metrics Awards Program.


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