Since 2011, Interaction Metrics has been benchmarking the national quality of customer service. We call this our Quality of Customer Interaction (QCI™) Score. As of September, 2013, the score is 54 out of 100; in other words, customer service gets a failing grade.

As we’ve mentioned before, other indices point to a similarly bleak state of customer service proving that customer service needs improvement. For example, the best companies in the world only reach a 60 Net Promoter Score®. And the current average ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) score, which takes all aspects of satisfaction into account, hovers around 75.

How could customer service improve? One thing we’re seeing in our customer service audits is that associates need to work on being more proactive with customers. For example, explaining the value of their product or service without being asked, or making sure to ask the customer clarifying questions so the conversation can be tailored to the customer’s particular situation.

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