On April 24th, catch Customer Experience Speaker, Martha Brooke at the CX Analytics Summit held at the Porsche Experience Center in L.A. Hosted by Interaction Metrics’ partner CallMiner, Martha will lead the workshop “Practical Ways to Improve Your Customer Listening“.

Workshop Description

It’s hard to take a step without being asked to take a customer survey. But just because the world is littered with surveys, does not mean that companies have this method down pat. In fact, in 2016, we examined the point-of-purchase surveys for over 51 of the largest US retailers. Our study, the first of its kind, concluded that, based on engagement and accuracy, most surveys get an F Grade.

This workshop teaches when to use surveys, when to avoid them, and what other methods are worth considering. It examines the 5 standards all Listening programs should be held to and then drills into the specifics of how to avoid biases and examples of high-impact questions—both shown in the context of actual surveys. This is a high-participation workshop where you will get to try your hand at finding flaws in a survey and you’ll learn:

  • Concrete tips to improve your surveys
  • The broad landscape of different methods outside of surveys
  • How to tweak the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question to make it more valuable for you

Sign up here. CallMiner is covering the cost of this event so it’s free for you to attend. Along with Martha, you’ll get to hear from a host of excellent customer experience speakers!

Together we can create great customer experiences. It starts with smart Customer Listening.

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