With the mission of dramatically improving the Customer Experience, Martha Brooke founded Interaction Metrics in 2004. Martha is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and holds a Blackbelt in Six Sigma.

Martha’s articles are syndicated on CustomerThink, Engagement Optimization and she’s been interviewed on topics such as  the pros and cons of NPS Score and how to improve Customer Surveys for podcasts around the world.

Two themes are at the core of how Martha thinks about the Customer Experience.
First, for everyone, everywhere, experiences matter. For companies, this is a huge opportunity to make the world better by delivering experiences that leave customers a little bit happier.
Second, the only way to make experiences consistently positive is to apply a rigorous, research-driven, scientific approach.

Prior to Interaction Metrics, Martha worked for two dotcoms, Lucy.com and Food.com, where she drove improvements into the customer experience.

To spur dialogue around the Customer Experience, Martha leads top-rated sessions for a wide variety of organizations. For example, she’s been a panelist and conducted lectures and workshops for: Project Management Institute (PMI), American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the Score Conference, Customer Solutions Expo, American Marketing Association, National Investment Company Service Association at the Harvard Club, Operations Summit, Association of Support Professionals, and SOCAP International.

Upcoming Sessions:

SOCAP Webinar Series, Panel Workshop, February 21, 2019
Your Business is Unique, Why Measure Customer Engagement Like Everyone Else?
In Brief:
For decades, we’ve been conditioned to believe there is a single, universal metric for measuring customer loyalty, whether you’re using NPS, C-SAT or CES. But your customers’ relationship with your business is far more complex than a single question could ever uncover. In this webinar, based on the popular workshop featured at SOCAP’s 2018 Re-Imagine Customer Care Conference, you’ll learn new ways to improve the customer experience that go beyond surveys to shake up your “business as usual” metric mentality.

Ecommerce Operations Summit, April 9, 2019
Master Class Workshop: Offering the Optimal Customer Experience
In Brief:
Giving customers a consistently excellent experience across channels is the mantra for retailers today. How much quality and consistency you provide at every touchpoint can make or break both your retention rate and profitability. To help you get there, this workshop will cover several key aspects of the customer experience.

  • How to live by your company and department mission
  • The importance of live chat and text in client engagement
  • Creating a culture focused on customer satisfaction
  • Determining the benefits of AI vs. the human touch

Ecommerce Operations Summit, April 10, 2019
Panel: How to Focus Your Customer Service Team on New Opportunities
In Brief:
When your business launches a new product line or enters a new channel, how do you support that change, especially when it calls for recruiting, training and upgrading skillsets? And how does this work as you scale the initiative? This session will draw from merchant experiences of taking a team that’s used to dealing with inquiries and preparing them for a focus on new priorities like sales, loyalty and building customer lifetime value.

  • Team preparation, training and staffing
  • Tools and processes that need to be put in place
  • Measurement, metrics and success factors

Ecommerce Operations Summit, April 10, 2019
Panel: Preparing Agents Who Rock at Resolution
In Brief:
Customers can get hot under the collar quickly when there’s a problem, and a big contributor to your loyalty and retention efforts is how well and how fast you address each one. This session will look at recruiting and hiring, training and tools to help you develop a team than can take on even the toughest cases in an effective and professional manner.

• Best practices in training to reinforce the right skillset
• Creative ways to diffuse an angry customer interaction
• About providing agents with the right tools and processes

Past: Popular Prior Speaking Engagements

SOCAP Re-Imagine Conference, Salt Lake City, October 23, 2018
The Myth of NPS & CSAT: Your Business is Unique, Why Isn’t the Way You Measure Customer Engagement?
In Brief:
Are you ready to ask yourselves – and your customers – the hard questions about your relationship with each other? The Net Promoter Score/System and traditional CSAT measures have, for decades, asserted there is a single, universal metric for measuring customer loyalty. Using a combination of statistics and social science, we debunk the single metric myth and learn new ways to improve the customer experience that go beyond surveys and set the stage for you to shake up your “business as usual” metrics mentality. This is a joint session with Lisa Oswald, Michael Callahan and Martha Brooke.

  • Getting clear about what the customer experience really is
  • When to focus on the customer’s view versus an internal view
  • Examples of valuable questions and metrics
  • The range of methods outside of surveys used for customer listening

ASPS Reboot Your Practice Conference, Chicago, September 27, 2018
7 Mistakes Associates Make that You Can Fix Tomorrow
In Brief:
We start by critiquing the recordings from various surgery practices (they volunteered!). Did the receptionist make the patient feel at ease? Do you think they did a good job sharing their doctor’s background? Would you be willing to come in for a consultation? We’ll discuss what these staff members could have done differently and where they succeeded

  • Critique real customer interactions with live recordings
  • 4 dimensions of customer service and how they are weighted
  • Conversation elements common to medical interactions
  • Hear examples of distancing cues, shutting down, undermining expertise, etc.
  • 5 proven ways to be persuasive

Portland AMA, Portland PMI, Association of Support Professionals, etc.
Workshop: Get Your Survey Out of a Rut, Get a Better Survey
In Brief:
Could your survey be tuning customers out? It’s practically a given that every company will issue a customer satisfaction survey. But it’s not a given that every survey will improve customer satisfaction—or even uncover gaps and opportunities. There is a better way.

In this workshop, participants see (using real cases and surveys) a few of the mistakes companies commonly make with their customer feedback programs. Then, we work in small groups to identify and resolve typical survey errors. Participants are also introduced to a 6-step process that leads to accurate data, actionable insights and paves the way for positive change.

  • 2 Tips to improve your feedback program immediately
  • 5 categories of survey bias with 25 specific biases
  • A meaningful definition of CX to guide your customer listening program
  • 6 steps to achieve standout customer survey success
  • A few of the most useful metrics for pinpointing gaps and opportunities

HDI Conference & Expo, CRM Group, Private Corporate Sessions, etc.
Workshop: Customer Service – Measuring what Really Matters
In Brief:
Actionable metrics are ones that get to the heart of the customer experience and account for multiple touchpoints, myriad personas, and different types of inquiries.  This workshop shows how to account for these situational details so that you have a truly accurate picture of what’s really going on with your customer service.

  • Simple dashboards that allow for complex drill down
  • When to use Persuasion Score, Effort Score, Brand Score and other metrics
  • Deconstruction of real-life interactions

Martha Brooke | Other Popular Sessions Have Included:

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    9 Secrets to Turning Prospects into Consults
  • CallMiner Webinar Series:
    CX Programs that Yield Significant ROI
  • CXPA Portland Panel:
    Showing ROI on Your CX Investment
  • Technology Association of Oregon:
    Benefiting from a Mindful Approach to Customer Experience
  • IIeX North America:
    3 Steps to Branded Customer Service

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