Do your associates make the most out of customer interactions? Can they turn around difficult situations? To improve customer service you need to equip your associates with the best tools.

Interaction Metrics Model Answers combine guidelines and examples. You’ll have a clear blueprint for how to build brand and customer loyalty in every interaction, with before-and-after examples to get your team engaged with taking customer service to the next level.

Our Model Answers allow you to provide the best service for different types of:

  • Touchpoints
  • Customers
  • Questions & Concerns
  • Emotional States

And it’s not about following a robotic script. It’s about knowing what to do, when, and how. It’s about proactively meeting the needs of different situations, while also reinforcing your brand. Without Model Answers, you can only hope to get all of this in each customer interaction.

The best Model Answers are based on a statistically valid schema of your customer interactions, to isolate your main interaction types and where to focus most. If you don’t already have a schema, we can code a sample of your customer interactions to categorize your main types. Or, if you already have a key area of focus, we can provide Model Answers exclusively for those interactions.

Learn more about how Interaction Metrics Model Answers can help you improve customer service. Get a free MetricsLAB™ to see how Model Answers and other approaches enable you to give and get more value from each customer interaction. Or, check out our presentation to learn more about proactive customer service.

Interaction Metrics model answers efficiently improve customer service

Our model answer efficiently and effectively improve customer service, by giving associates the skills they need for every customer and every situation.

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