Great customer service helps you achieve your business goals—whether that’s maximizing conversion, increasing order size, reducing churn, or driving loftier KPIs like brand coherence score. But first, you’ll need to know where you have gaps and opportunities–and that’s where our customer service evaluations come in.

Perhaps you’re already tracking average hold time, abandonment rate, and Net Promoter. While these are helpful indicators, they are not enough. They don’t tell you:

  • How you benchmark against competitors
  • How you measure up to your brand promises
  • Where you have specific areas to improve

An Interaction Metrics customer service evaluation answers these questions and more. In fact, a typical Interaction Metrics evaluation identifies at least 19 specific ways to improve customer service.  Once you know what changes need to happen, you can get our customer service skills coaching.  Or if you have a training team, we’ll leave next steps and service transformation up to them.

To find out the five steps that frame our rigorous customer service evaluations, tell us your name and email.

With our customer service evaluations, you’ll have:

  • Scoring Rules & Metrics: We develop customized scoring rules and customer service metrics for your company.  This enables us to accurately score the quality of your calls, chats, and emails. As part of developing rules and metrics, we may mystery shop your competitors and you too.
  • Certified, Proven Quality: We audit a random sample of interactions at a statistically reliable level. When your interactions score 91 or higher, you get an independent certification from us stating that you offer the highest level of customer service.
  • A Way to See Your Opportunities: Your Findings Report includes customer experience metrics like Customer Effort, Interaction Branding, and Quality of Customer Interaction™ Scores. All of our scores are supported by excerpts from actual customer interactions.
  • Action!: Because our measurement is precise, with our evaluations, you’ll know exactly how to improve your customer service and reach your goals.
 If you’re a small company, or you’re not sure you need a full customer service evaluation, consider mystery shopping. Our unique, persona-based approach gives you actionable qualitative insight into how your front-line associates perform, and how they can improve.

To learn more about our customer service evaluations, tell us your name and email—you’ll get the five steps that frame our rigorous evaluations.


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Through our Customer Service Evaluations, we audit a random sample of calls, emails, or chats. They are based on rigorous data analysis and metrics that show you exactly where to improve.

Powerful Dashboard Displays

Easily interact with your data and use it to your advantage.

Our interactive dashboard gives you total control. You'll have access to a continuous stream of real-time data and metrics, presented in an easy-to-read console format.

With this dashboard, you'll have the tools you need right at your fingertips:

  • Easily see vital real-time metrics at a glance
  • Monitor and compare performance scores over periods of time
  • Keep tabs on problematic categories to make improvements
  • Hear the true voice of the customer with responsive filtering and smart data

Go ahead and see for yourself by interacting with the dashboard. Change the filters on the left to see how the data varies by input such as type of customer, month, etc.

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