Great customer service helps you achieve your business goals—but do you know where your customer service has gaps, friction points, and missed opportunities?

That’s where our customer service evaluations come in. You’ll find out how you benchmark against competitors, how you measure up to your own brand promise, and where you have areas to improve. Our customer service evaluations are a great way to improve your customer service. Let’s talk.

Our Customer Service Evaluations Give You:

  • Scoring Rules & Metrics: To accurately score the quality of your calls, emails and chats, we customize scoring rules for your company. Going even further, we use multiple scoring systems to capture the nuances of your different types of interactions e.g., tech support is scored differently than a prospect call or an account management call. Our rule of thumb is: we develop as many scoring rules as we need to ensure accuracy, but never one rule more!
  • Certified, Proven Quality:

    Based on a statistically-valid sample of your calls, emails, or chats, we’ll show you how you score. When your interactions score 91 or higher, we give you an independent certification stating that you offer the highest level of customer service.

  • New Opportunities: Your Findings Reports will include customer experience metrics such as Customer Effort, Interaction Branding, and Quality of Customer Interaction™ (QCI) Scores. All of our scores are supported by excerpts from your actual customer interactions.
  • Data You Can Act On: Get precise measurements with our evaluations so you’ll know exactly how to improve your customer service and reach your goals.
  • Dashboards & Findings Reports: Interact with your data in a dynamic visual format. See how different variables affect your score.

A typical Interaction Metrics customer service evaluation identifies at least 19 specific ways to improve! Let’s talk!

Powerful Dashboard Displays

Go ahead and try out the dashboard below. Change the filters on the left to see how the data varies on the right.

With our Customer Service Evaluations you'll know how to maximize the value you get from your people.

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