Interactive Data Motivates Teams

Measuring the customer experience is crucial, but visualizing that measurement with interactive data is equally important. Here’s why: dynamic data motivates teams to take action and facilitates collaboration across departments. Without productive next steps there is no customer experience improvement, much less customer experience transformation. So, whether you use customer surveys, mystery shopping, or customer service evaluations to measure the customer experience, interactive data are what you need. Flat charts and static reporting leave you stuck in the 1990’s.

What’s the Fuss About?

As content software company ion interactive noted:

“…the increasing economic might of younger, digital-savvy consumers…will soon make interactive content an imperative…increasing exposure to interactive content will excite an appetite…that cannot be satisfied with traditional passive content alone.”

We couldn’t agree more. Everyone wants fully-immersive content, whether it’s in art, TV, or the latest app. Customer experience programs are no different. In order for businesses to keep up with the shifting landscape of expectations, they need to integrate interactive data, and fast.

Interactive data and dashboards are the future of effective customer experience communication. The difference between genuine business intelligence (BI) and static reports is that BI puts you in the power seat. Interactive dashboards empower clients and executives to be in control of their own data. They grab attention and let them participate in the process of data analysis.

Again from ion interactive, Scott Brinker their Co-Founder and CTO explained, “…interactive content engages participants in an activity: answering questions, making choices, exploring scenarios…Individuals have to think and respond; they can’t just snooze through it”.

We couldn’t have said it any better. Interactive content by its very nature demands engagement.

Using Interactive Dashboards

One particular advantage of interactive customer experience dashboards is that you can filter your data down to fine details without losing sight of the big picture. You can visualize and share what’s going on in your customer surveys, customer service evaluations, or verbatim analyses.

Even with the most colorful static reporting, you won’t get the same insight, clarity, and depth that’s possible with interactive data. With an interactive format that enables filtering you can:

  • See real-time metrics at a glance
  • Compare performance scores over periods of time
  • Keep tabs on problematic areas
  • Focus on key elements (such as product or associate) to gain insight

Dashboard Example

This is a picture of a very simple dashboard for a customer service environment. The yellow highlighted portion is what makes this dashboard dynamic and allows drill downs by:

  • Spanish vs. English Interactions
  • Four Different Teams
  • Specific Associates
  • Audit Period

This dashboard is best suited for managers because it gets at associate details.

A dashboard that shows progress over time is a better option when you want to share customer service evaluation data with teams at large.

Now, here’s that actual dashboard. Filter by team, language, associate, or audit period and see how the data changes.

While interaction moves you forward, you’ll still need to complement your dashboards with Findings Reviews to identify checklists, goals, and who’s in charge of specific next step actions.

Bottom line: there’s a shifting demand toward interactive content. This is true among all generations and across industries. It’s no different with your business! Integrating interactive dashboards into your customer experience program will keep you relevant by enabling you to visualize–and prioritize–your specific customer experience opportunities.

Toward more interaction!

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